Episode 6 Bret Saberhagen 1985 World Series MVP

World Series MVP Bret Saberhagen joins us for an extraordinary conversation packed with shocking discoveries and heartwarming stories. Bret reveals an astonishing family secret uncovered through modern DNA testing—a revelation that altered his personal identity and led to the discovery of long-lost siblings. This emotional journey not only redefined his understanding of family but also unearthed a complex history involving his true last name, Spooler. This deeply personal narrative sets the tone for his upcoming book, "Who Am I Actually?"

Get ready for an insider's look into the world of baseball as Bret recounts his no-hitter against the Brewers and the meticulous mental approach behind that remarkable game. You'll hear about his critical partnership with catcher Brent Mayne and the unforgettable moment involving Hall of Famer Frank Thomas. Bret also shares valuable insights into his pitching career, emphasizing the significance of control and teamwork. His humorous anecdotes about staying in touch with friends and the camaraderie among players add a personal touch that fans will love.

Finally, the episode highlights Bret's inspiring work off the field with his foundation, SabesWings, which supports families affected by cancer. Hear about the impactful contributions of musicians like Toby Keith and the touching stories of hope and resilience that drive the foundation's mission. Bret's dedication to spreading positivity and making a difference in people's lives shines through, making this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to be inspired by both sportsmanship and philanthropy.

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